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Country Guitar

€11 312.40
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The guitar is one of the unique creations built from high-quality robinia wood (black locust) and is thematically suitable for facilities that are related to music (such as country clubs, elementary art schools, beach bars, restaurants, concert venues, etc.).

Rope elements in the design of guitar strings will test the climbing skills of the more skilled. We believe that the smallest will be delighted with a unique triple slide! You only hardly can find it on any playground! There is also a "world map" with an imitation of tuning string pins, because like the map, music connects all the countries of the world.

Only one thing is missing – that the guitar starts playing on its own ...

NOTE: This product is custom-made. It will be entered into production only after it has been ordered and paid. When ordering the product, it is necessary to expect a delivery time of 4 - 6 weeks.

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